The energy transition, the major stakes of the 21st century, revolutionized the world of the energy: renewable energies such as solar and wind energy are efficient and competitive against fossil and nuclear; but their drawback is to be intermittent and little predictable.

Indeed, it is difficult to foresee accurately the sunlight or the wind a few days, even a few hours in advance, which disrupts the electricity network and limit the scope of these new energies. There is only one solution: the storage, paired with precise control algorithms and optimized energy conversion systems. This is the core business of Entech Smart Energies.

With a decade of experience in the energy sector and numerous references in storage and electrical energy control, the multidisciplinary teams of Entech offer their skills to help and assist the project leaders to meet this challenge.

Agile, reactive, we develop long-lasting relations to guarantee the success of your innovative projects.

The company Entech smart energies offers optimized energy conversion solutions for smart-grids to integrate the new uses of the energy.

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